Hillbilly Goodies

Bake Shop

Our bake shop has our fresh made breads, cakes, and more.

More? More simply means we have decided to carry ingredients and tools you can use to make your own baked goods. These products are products we use in our own kitchens.

Our breads are made with all the love one can pack into a sweet loaf of goodness.Most of our breads are made with our "secret" decades old recipes.

Weather you choose a sweet loaf or a humbling loaf of wheat, white, or sourdough you are sure to be pleased!

Each loaf is baked and flash frozen to ensure safety in shipping and to offer you a moist product upon receipt.



Goodbye chocolates

You may have noticed our chocolates, truffles, and barks have said good-bye. That is because they are on vacation until October. We let them have a few months off so they...