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Ice Cream Scoop

$ 18.50

Rada’s Ice Cream Scoop makes America’s favorite dessert easier to scoop, thanks to its stub-nose end that pushes through even the hardest-packed ice cream. Crafted with a sturdy ridge that provides added stability, our Ice Cream Scoop will not bend! And the nice long handle means you can get down to the bottom of the bucket and keep your fingers clean.

  • This utensil is made from quality 300 series high-nickel stainless steel for great performance and superior durability.
  • The sturdy ridge adds no-bend stability, assuring it’ll hold up to even the hardest ice cream.
  • Available in two handle styles, perfect for any kitchen or table.
  • All Rada Cutlery products are 100% made in the USA. That means ultimate craftsmanship and dependability.
  • Covered by our Lifetime Guarantee from defects in material or workmanship!


Rada’s Ice Cream Scoop has everything you want when you’re ready to dig into a big tub of the cold stuff. It’ll take on the hardest ice cream you can find and it WILL NOT BEND! The 4½ʺ handle is comfortable to use and keeps your knuckles clean when you’re digging into the ice cream bucket. The bowl features a stub-nose end which ensures you can scoop ice cream without letting it set on the counter to soften first.


From birthday parties and family gatherings to a late-night snack after a rough day or a nasty breakup, this Ice Cream Scoop will never let you down (unlike your ‘ex’). So whether you’re craving ice cream or sherbet or simply want to dig into a tub of frozen whipped topping or scrape up granita from a pan, Rada’s Ice Cream Scoop will always be your non-judgy friend.


Made from quality 300 series high-nickel stainless steel, the Ice Cream Scoop has a unique straight chiseled edge that makes it easy to get through any ice cream. And its bowl is nice and big which means you’ll get a generous serving of your favorite frozen concoction.


The handle of the Ice Cream Scoop is super strong, providing a good, solid grip and comes in two style choices: silver brushed aluminum and black resin to fit any preference and décor. And sturdy? We’ve added in a hefty ridge, assuring it will never bend.


Product Specifications



FACE MATERIAL 300 Series High-Nickel Stainless Steel




PRODUCT WARRANTY The Lifetime Guarantee

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