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It looks like a spatula, but it’s so much more than that. The Serverspoon is a versatile tool that mixes, scrapes, serves, and even whips. One of the handiest multi-purpose kitchen utensils you can own.

  • Solid one-piece design constructed from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Slotted 3½ x 1⅝ʺ face with a sturdy blunt edge.
  • Tons of practical uses when cooking and serving.
  • All Rada Cutlery products are 100% made in the USA. That means ultimate craftsmanship and dependability.
  • Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee: Rada Mfg. Co. will replace any product manufactured by our company returned to us due to defects in material or workmanship.


How many uses are there for a spatula? Typically, the answer would be just one; that’s why we gave this product the name Serverspoon. While it does function nicely as a spatula, its most impressive feature is its ability to make cooking a one-utensil activity. See for yourself how it mixes, scrapes, whips, cuts, AND serves.


The Serverspoon features a slotted face (3½ x 1⅝") that allows for optimum mixing and stirring and is perfect for draining liquids, with an edge that’s just right for scraping and cutting. The ideal serving tool too, the Serverspoon is a super-useful addition to utensil caddies everywhere.


The Serverspoon is crafted from quality 300 series high-nickel stainless steel. That means you can depend on its solid one-piece construction to hold up to any food prep or serving job, big or small. This is a tool that belongs in every kitchen.


When mixing batters, scraping up brown bits in a skillet, folding fruit into whipped cream, cutting bars, removing cookies from a baking pan, and so much more, the Serverspoon is the only tool you’ll need.

Product Specifications



CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL 300 Series High-Nickel Stainless Steel


PRODUCT WARRANTY The Lifetime Guarantee


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